You gotta start somewhere!

Hi all, so lots of us have tried (and perhaps given up at) creating a blog, I’ve never really been interested as I didn’t know what would make me stand out from the rest, but I’ve realised I don’t necessarily have to stand out from the rest, to just be of interest to a few readers is good enough for me!

Today I was interviewed by a (now fellow 😉 ) blogger, the gorgeous Renee aka who is a work friend, and she suggested I start a blog for myself. And perhaps if she had said this a couple of months ago I’d have said nahhh, there’s nothing I want to write about, but because I’m now in the midst of doing up our new home and my current obsession – house plants, it has made me a little excited! So you can expect to see and hear about new house buys, work in progress pics, before and after pics etc. And of course to tie in with my Instagram account @harrison_nate_and_me I’ll throw posts and pics in and of my gorgeous boys! 

And so to slightly adapt Richard Ayoade’s phrase from the new series of The Crystal Maze – “thanks for reading- if indeed you still are.”